The dreaded weekly weigh-in: part III

Starting weight – 229.6 lbs
Last week – 220.6 lbs
This week – 220.0 lbs

Total weight lost – 9.6 lbs

So close to breaking that 10-pound milestone! As per my last post, I had trouble staying focused this week. In addition to the chips-and-salsa binge, I didn’t make it to the gym as often as I would have liked. I hurt my ankle and wrist while skiing the other day (fresh powder, you are not my friend), so that’s curtailed my work-outs for the past few days.

My big realization this week involved my weekly cheat meals — somethin’s gonna have to change. Oh, I’m still going to have a cheat meal/treat, but it’s definitely not going to be pizza, breadsticks and the like. Even though I tried to order a healthy-ish ‘za (whole-wheat thin crust, topped with extra sauce, whole black olives and basil leaves), my body did not respond well to the fat and grease — I’ll just leave it at that.

On that note, happy Monday!

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