I’m on fi-yah

No, really, my legs are burning like crazy.

I’m looking at you, endless squats, medicine ball lunges, TRX pulls and other “fun” boot camp exercises. Thanks to you, my legs almost gave out on me when I walked down the stairs of my apartment building this morning. My abs still hurt from the bazillion crunches in Wednesday’s session, too — so much so, that when I sneezed yesterday, I actually yelped in pain then let loose a string of profanities. Afterwards, I just kept muttering to myself, “No pain, no gain” until I realized how much I actually hate that statement. It sounds like something you’d hear in a bad ’80s exercise video or late-night infomercial.

On a serious note, I received news that I may require surgery on one of my toes. It’s not major surgery or anything, but it’s enough to knock me out of the gym for at least two weeks. I’m pretty sure my podiatrist thought I was crazy when I kept asking, “So…I really can’t work out for a few weeks? Like, at all? What about walking? Elliptical? Anything?” I’m happy it’s only minor surgery, but it’s still frustrating to lose several weeks’ worth of work-out time when I’ve just settled into my exercise (read: not lazy) routine.

This week has been exhausting, both physically and mentally. Next week marks the first time I’m going out of town since embarking on this journey, so that will be a good test for me (and good practice for my trip to Jamaica in April).

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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