Just a plus-sized girl livin’ in a skinny wo-orld

It sucks being a fat girl — and not just for the self-esteem or health-related reasons.

Yes, society is slowly becoming more accommodating to fatties as the obese population continues to (literally) grow. Some airlines offer extra-wide seats. Many fashion designers now boast plus-size collections to cater to those who can’t seem to stop at one donut.

While that makes my life a little easier, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t demoralizing. As my friends get to try on cute little clothes when we go shopping, I have to waddle over to the plus-size section, which often has frocks that even my conservative 80-year-old aunt would think are hideous. Ponchos? No thanks. Muu-muus? I’ll pass.

(Yes, I’m aware that there are decent plus-sized clothing lines out there, too. But I’ll tell you one thing — they sure as hell aren’t found in the frigid city I call home.)

It’s not just clothes that aren’t kind to fat people, either. I sometimes have trouble doing up my seatbelt on an airplane. During a camping trip last summer, I sat down on our folding camping chair, and it broke. I know it wasn’t entirely due to my weight (my boyfriend broke one too, and he’s skinny as hell), but it still crushed me. If my 110-pound friend broke a chair, people would laugh it off as being a poorly-constructed piece of furniture. If I break a chair, there’s always the assumption my boo-tay is the culprit.

Mark my words — this is the last time I’ll be heavy enough that I’ll even have to consider weight limits on chairs and amusement park rides. I’m almost 15 pounds down, and I won’t stop until I’m at a healthy weight, one that allows me to live my life freely, without limitations based on that number on the scale.

4 thoughts on “Just a plus-sized girl livin’ in a skinny wo-orld

  1. I am sure with your determination, you’d hit that healthy weight range sooner or later. Good luck and never give up!

    P.s: I am holding a giveaway which you might be keen in. do come around and take part if you’d like! πŸ™‚


  2. I totally hear you! I too have “fatgirl-itis”. It means everything is more mortifying because of your size. Get stuck in a piece of clothing in a changing room? A skinny girl would burst out of the changing room laughing her head off, us little fat girls stay in there for 20 minutes sweating profusely and desperately wiggling our way out of it. I’ve had a chair break too – stunned silence follows. Should have been hilarious but there’s always that elephant in the room that noone wants to talk about… and that elephant is me!!

    Good luck with your journey – you’re doing great πŸ™‚

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