The dreaded weekly weigh-in: week 11

Starting weight – 229.6 lbs
Last week – 211.6 lbs
This week – 209.2 lbs

Total weight lost – 20.4 lbs

Go, fat girl, it’s your birthday! I’m happy to reach the 20-pound mark, but kind of sad that a lot of my recent weight loss is probably muscle loss while I’m on hiatus from the gym/boot camp/Zumba. Le sigh.

On the plus side, I’ve taken on some new freelance clients, who are definitely keepin’ me busy. This week, I worked over 30 hours for one client alone (hence the lack of blog posts). Let’s just say that coffee has been a staple in my diet for the past few days.

Also exciting (to me, anyway): My boyfriend bought the juicer! I can’t wait to make me some veggie juice.

Here’s to keeping my sanity during this busy time! Cheers!


4 thoughts on “The dreaded weekly weigh-in: week 11

  1. Dear Andrea,

    Please start giving yourself more credit for eating healthy and stop being so hard on yourself!

    You aren’t going to lose 2lbs of muscle in a week… just like you aren’t going to gain 2lbs of muscle in a week (I wish!). What you do lose, if you lost any, you’ll gain back quickly; there’s this wonderful thing called muscle memory!!! Your muscles know how big they used to be, and they regain mass more quickly the second/third/fourth time around (with proper diet and training of obvs!).

    Stop calling yourself fat, start thinking more positively, and keep eating clean!

    Molto amore bella!

  2. I know, I need to give myself some credit! I hate that I’m so hard on myself. I can’t wait to get back into an exercise routine so I can rebuild my guns (I can’t believe I just said that)! Thank you for the encouraging words — I needed them today (well, and most days)!

  3. You really have made a lifestyle change. The fact that you still lost weight even though you’ve been super busy shows that you are in the habit of making good food choices. Congrats!

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