Abs are made in the kitchen

I’ve been bitching a lot about not being able to hit the gym, because, despite my thunder thighs saying otherwise, I actually love to exercise. To me, nothing’s more satisfying than feeling the sweat drip during a particularly grueling work-out.

I’m still out of commission because of my toe, but that doesn’t mean that my weight loss efforts have gone down the toilet. I’ve just taken a different approach and focused entirely on my food intake (for the moment, anyway). To that end, I’ve summarized two important factors that have helped me lose some extra blubber.

Eat clean, yo!

As you’ve probably gathered from my bazillion mentions of the Eat-Clean Diet, it works. I’ve done the whole fad diet thing in the past, gaining everything back and then some when I resumed my normal eating habits. I have some  friends who even pulled a Beyonce and tried the Master Cleanse (drinking nothing but lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper). I cannot stress enough: These. Diets. Do. Not. Work.

I love the principles behind clean eating (excuse me while I wax poetic about it): You’re not counting carbs, you’re not ingesting weird diet pills and you’re not depriving yourself of any one food group (unless you count processed junk as a food group). I read about one diet that completely eliminates vegetables from your diet. Fuck that noise! You really think that will help you lose weight? If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

By eating clean, you nourish your body with whole, natural foods that keep everything in tip-top shape. Everything  tastes so fresh and vibrant once you wean yourself off sugar and excess salt (as much as the withdrawal sucks in the beginning). For more information, refer to my previous post Eating clean and getting lean (hopefully) or hit up the Eat-Clean Diet website.

Pound back that H2O

I generally drank a lot of water before I started eating clean, but I know it’s a challenge for some people to chug two or three litres a day. Trust me when I say that drinking enough water is uber-important. Don’t like the “taste” of water? (I never did understand that one.) Try adding lemon slices, mint leaves or whatever tickles your fancy.

I notice a huge difference when I don’t drink enough H2o — I get headaches, I get constipated and I get cranky. (Seriously, run in the other direction if you happen to catch me when I’m dehydrated.) It’s been proven over and over again how essential it is to drink lots of water when you’re trying to lose weight. An added bonus? Your skin glows from the inside out. When I first upped my water intake a few years ago, I noticed a visible difference in my, um, glowiness within a week (and others commented on it, too).

So what does this mean for me?

I’ve heard over and over again that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. I now believe it. Though I’m still counting the days until I can re-join my boot camp (29 to go!), I am confident that I can keep losing, barring any major plateaus.

Oh, and the temptation of the massive buffet/unlimited alcohol in Jamaica (21 days to go!). 😉


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