The dreaded weekly weigh-in: week 13

Starting weight – 229.6 lbs
Last week – 212.2 lbs
This week – 210.8 lbs

Total weight lost – 18.8 lbs

Well, spank me and call me Nancy. I managed to lose some of the weight I regained, despite having a few unintentional (oh, who am I kidding — intentional) pig-outs on chips, a gyro and pizza. (Hey, it was Wrestlemania and I was surrounded by six men. What kind of food do you think was around? Salads and almonds?)

I’ve settled back into my clean-eating routine and boy, am I happy. I never noticed the effect that junk food has on the body until I started eating clean. When all you eat is junk food, you’re used to feeling lethargic and bloated. Now that I eat clean most of the time, the lethargy that comes with my cheats is a real kick in the pants. And, as an added bonus, I’m probably even more of a hypochondriac than before. (Me: “I’m so tired — I must be getting sick!” Boyfriend: “You did just eat half a pizza. And a bag of chips. And wings. Relax.”)

My trip to Jamaica is next week, and I’m pretty damn happy with my results so far. Though I’m still far from having a bikini bod, at least people won’t run screaming in the other direction if they see me in a bathing suit (kidding!). I’m gonna rock my smaller waist and belly, and own my always-fabulous ghetto bootay.

Until next week,
Your soon-to-be-former fat girl

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