I’ll drink to that

One of the things I’m finding most difficult about clean eating is cutting back on booze. I know, #firstworldproblem, right?

I’m by no means a huge partier (instead, I’m a 26-year-old who knits and drinks tea while she watches Law and Order: SVU), but I do like my Caesars and Long Islands on the weekends. Aw, hell, even on the occasional weeknight.

I haven’t eliminated alcohol from my diet, even though alcohol is a no-no in the clean-eating world. I’ll have a drink or two (or ten) in a social setting, health be damned, because I feel lame when my friends and I go for drinks and I order “vodka and water, hold the vodka.” (And no, this isn’t a peer pressure thing.)

As with any other cheat, moderation is key. If I have a few drinks at a party, I’ll be extra careful with my diet or work out a little harder for the next few days. Even so, I’d like to cut down on booze even more. Those empty calories are not helping my wobbly bits, nor is the McDonald’s I inevitably consume when I’m slightly intoxicated.

So, fellow bloggers, what kind of tips can you offer a girl tryin’ to cut back on the sauce? Any suggestions would be mucho appreciated.

7 thoughts on “I’ll drink to that

  1. Wow, I feel like I’m in a very similar place! I feel like of all the things to change, those happy drinks might be the trickiest! But I think you mentioned it, moderation is great although similarly that’s the one thing I have a bit more trouble moderating too. But good luck, I feel ya on this one 🙂

  2. I probably shouldn’t even be commenting because I’m guilty of overindulging on occasion (sometimes that occasion is called Tuesday). But, I’ve been cutting back for the past few months and this is what I’ve found works:

    1. Set your limit low. Binge drinking isn’t only bad for your waist line, it’s all-around bad for your health. I try to NEVER exceed more then three drinks in a given evening. Nine times out of ten that friendly reminder that “three is your limit” keeps me in line.

    2. Treat alcohol like any other indulgence. Could you imagine eating more then three cheese burgers? Chocolate bars? Servings of chips?… You probably could, but it wouldn’t be a very good idea.

    3. Hit the gym. I enjoy working out on Fridays and reward myself with the promise of a beer when I’m done… most of the time I don’t even end up drinking the beer because I’ve just done something healthy and don’t want to undo it.

    I should mention that since I really cut back on drinking (February’ish) the weight basically melted off. The tips above work for me but what works for you will probably be very different.

    Stick with it Andrea!

    • Thanks, Britt! Those suggestions are awesome — I’m definitely going to use them, especially the three-drink rule. It’s going to be hard to cut down, especially during patio season (if it ever gets here), but I just have to remind myself that my body and health will thank me in the end!

  3. Alcohol is a tough one for me! Especially as the weather gets warmer and I want to get out more. One things I do is I detox from alcohol every few weeks… So I will have a week with none and then allow myself to have a few the week after. It makes it a challenge for yourself! And it makes it so you know it is not like you are never going to have a drink. Just not right now 🙂

  4. Under normal circumstance, I also try to follow the 3 drink rule, but if I am going out and don’t want to blow the budget (calories and money), my trick is to keep it as healthy as I can and to stick with contraptions that are composed mostly of alcohol. I will leave you with my favorite drink recipe. I make two batches of this and I am done for the night, drinking more is rarely an option. 🙂

    1 1/2 cups pomegranate juice
    2 ounces Absolute Citron vodka or white tequila
    1 ounce Cointreau liquor
    Cup of ice
    Squeeze of lemon (optional)

    Let me know if you try it. 😀

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