Weigh To Go

Every spring, my work hosts a weight-loss challenge called Weigh To Go. Basically, teams of four or five people weigh in every week. The more weight you lose, the more points your team earns. Whichever team has the most points in three months wins cold, hard cash.

Some people have issues with others knowing their weight. I’ve already broadcast my weight and associated struggles on this blog, so I don’t really care if my co-workers know that magic number.

What I like about this challenge is that it doesn’t focus entirely on the scale. We also get points for participating in healthy living challenges, like sharing a healthy recipe with other co-workers. I wish we could also focus on inches lost and muscle gained, but I think that would makes things a wee bit complicated.

It’s so on.

I’m competitive by nature. Maybe it’s Only Child Syndrome; maybe it’s because I inherited my competitiveness from my dad. I will do anything to win. Essentially, this is me:


I’ll post the occasional update on this blog, along with my regularly scheduled Monday weigh-ins. Let the battle begin!

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