Bat wings and double chins

I’m back, baby. That doozy of a cold took me out for over a week. I can thank DayQuil, Cup-a-Soup (not clean but cut me some slack here) and spicy Thai soup for finally making me feel human again.

I was struggling to think of a blog post idea this week, until I started bitching about my jiggly arms to my boyfriend. (I’m pretty sure he just tunes me out at this point.)

Just as every fat girl has that photo, every girl seems to have one (or 15) body parts that she absolutely loathes. Women (and men) of all sizes have body issues, but when you’re overweight, those issues seem amplified (for me, at least). When I was thin, I hated my small boobs (does 32A even count as a size?) and broad, linebacker-esque shoulders with a passion, but they never really bothered me to the point of embarrassment.

Now that I’m heavier, I not only hate my bat-wing arms, but I rarely wear tank tops because of them. I even try to position my arms in photos so they don’t squish against my body and look even fatter. It’s sad, I know. Also on my hate-list: my double-chin. My modelling days taught me how to position my face at a flattering angle — that is, when I know that a photo is being taken. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve thought, “Ack! I have five chins!” upon seeing candid pics my friends have posted on Facebook.

Insecurities plague everyone. Although it’s a shock to the ol’ sense of confidence (or lack thereof) when I look at myself in the mirror and see the byproducts of an unhealthy lifestyle, it just makes me all the more motivated to finally lose this weight and live the healthy lifestyle my body deserves.

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