Back on track

I feel like I’m having a summer-long fat day.

It’s been a week and a half since I last posted, and I actually really missed blogging. It’s nice to have something/one to hold me accountable when I fall off the wagon, food-wise. And fall I did. For weeks. (In other words, bitch got lazy.)

After almost a month of eating shit (and feeling like shit as a result), I’m back on my clean-eating plan. Lemme tell y’all, I felt like total and absolute crap this month. It was actually kind of helpful in a weird, twisted way, because I could see the effects that poor eating habits have on my body (weight gain not included). I was back to taking naps several times a week. I was bloated and lethargic. I was constipated. It wasn’t pretty.

This whole blogging experiment is a success so far. Despite my having re-gained several pounds and going through several weeks-long binges, I don’t mind the ups and downs because let’s face it, that’s reality for a lot of people tryin’ to lose the chub. I know my weight will be a life-long struggle, so it’s great to have my successes (and failures) documented.

Oh, on another note, I’ve decided to change the weekly weigh-in to a monthly weigh-in instead. I’m going to start taking monthly measurements now that I’m exercising again, so I’ll include those with the weigh-in numbers. I’ve got this, guys. I know I can do this.


2 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. You CAN do it! I’ve struggled to avoid junk food forever, and every once in a while I eat a bunch of crap. But in the end, I always end up craving healthy food, and it gets me back on track.

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