Weigh-in Thursday

Starting weight: 255.2 lbs
Last week: 246.2 lbs
Current weight: 242.4 lbs
Weight lost this week: 3.8 lbs (again)
Total weight lost: 12.8 lbs

I took a vacation day on Monday, so my whole week has been thrown off and I thought today was Wednesday. Apparently, I’m going senile at the ripe old age of 27.

I’m excited to see the number on the scale consistently dropping. I know that it will slow down eventually, that the first few weeks are always the easiest–but it’s encouraging nonetheless. Although I weigh myself, I try to stay in tune with my body in other ways to mark my progress.

No longer feeling like a stuffed sausage in my largest pants? Check. Buddha belly a tiny bit smaller? Check. Not huffing and puffing as I walk up the stairs to my apartment? Double check.

I’ll be posting some oh-so-yummy recipes later this week, and, if you feel so inclined, follow me on My Fitness Pal (username is andread123).

Until next time, folks.


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